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Mechanical engineering is a creative discipline that grows upon a number of basics and optimizes the devices, machines, processes and systems that involve mechanical forces, work and energy. It is one of the most diverse fields of engineering influencing almost all aspects of our life. The department is offering 4 yearB.Tech. degree programme in Mechanical Engineering. The entire programme is spanning over 8 semesters consisting of course work, practical, field training and project work. With a dedicated team consisting of highly qualified and experienced faculty members in all streams of Mechanical Engineering, the department aims at providing education and research of world-class level.

The department is broadly divided into three academic groups: Design Engineering, Production & Industrial Engineering and Thermal Engineering. The Department is supported by qualified technical personnel and office staff for smooth functioning of different laboratories and office.



Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

Experienced doctors and Scientist form our medical staff

M.D. Samantha Willis

Medical Doctor Pediatry

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Ph.D. Phillip Sudders

Chief of Surgery

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Dr. Katherine Field

Chief of Oncology

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PhD. Mary Simons

Doctor of Philosophy

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Our Ideologies

The core focus of our Department


The core responsibility of an engineer is designing and selecting various layouts for projects that consider different human and economic factors. An engineer chooses the processing of various tools, integration of flow of materials and components that helps in the testing and inspection.


An engineer is required to control and operate the entire work performed by their labor force. It consists of variety of machines, power, transportation or communication. It also supervises personnel that can obtain economic operations of its project.


When participants describe their immediate plans for professional development, managerial skills have become important. The process of management helps in the fulfillment of customer requirements both socially and economically.


What Alumni Say About Us

I am very thankful to the department of Mech. Engg. to give me the environment for carving my skills and talents to perfection which helped me in securing lucrative placement. I am proud to be an Aryan and the part of this cooperative department.

Arya-Alumni-2015-ME-020-PRASHANT SUTHArArya-Alumni-2015-ME-020-PRASHANT SUTHAr
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Engineer
China State Construction Engrg.Corp.Ltd

I have accomplished my collegiate tenure in the peaceful environment provided by the head and the staff members. It helped me in developing a distinct personality and inspired me in achieving my goals and target.

Arya-Alumni-2015-ME-008-GAURAV KUMAR SHARMAArya-Alumni-2015-ME-008-GAURAV KUMAR SHARMA
Indian Navy

Arya and the Mechanical Department lent me the confidence by helping me in securing meritorious position in the entire university year after year and now I am a successful professional. All thanks to Arya

Arya-Alumni-2015-ME-007-FAIR GOUDArya-Alumni-2015-ME-007-FAIR GOUD
Sr Executive
Automotive Exchange Private Limited